Greenleaf Annabelle Dollhouse Project

This section will detail our first long-term project to show how easy it is to build a dollhouse. It takes some time to complete, but by taking it slow you'll find that it will come out so much better. We're going to use a combination of techniques to put this together, we'll mainly follow the instructions that come with the kit, but we'll be using some tricks learned from some of the masters so that we can make this house as nice as possible.

And on the subject of the masters, that information is readily available. If you want to become an expert really fast, then check these out right away:

The Dollhouse Builders Handbook
We usually have this in stock, but if not, it usually arrives pretty quickly anyway.

Creative Dollhouses from Kits
This is a fabulous book which gives a wealth of information on building, customizing, and finishing your house. We don't stock this one, it's a special order well worth the $19.95. You won't just read this book, you'll refer to it over and over for years to come. A must-have for any serious builder.

We've divided the project up into Chapters, and each chapter represents about a weekend's worth of work. You probably won't be able to maintain concentration for more than about an hour at a time, but during a weekend it shouldn't be too difficult to squeeze in a bunch of little sessions. Let's get to it!

Chapter One - Let's Get Started

Chapter Two - Wiring and Stairs

Chapter Three - Clapboard Siding

Chapter Four - More Siding, Painting, intro to the new Front Door

Chapter Five - Custom Siding and Roof Tricks

Chapter Six - Getting Fancy with Trim

Chapter Seven - A Looooong Weekend

Chapter Eight - More Detail

Chapter Nine - The Porch

Chapter Ten - Porch Detail and Foundation

Chapter Eleven - Porch and roof shingles, front door

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